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The success of MusicPortland hinges upon your success as an artist, music business or venue. And to better represent you, we need to hear from you! Join MusicPortland to support your own efforts in the Portland music ecosystem alongside those of your community.

The independent artist is at the core of our local music culture. MusicPortland is committed to improving opportunities, equity and revenue for musicians. Find out more about our initiatives. Musicians, Artists and Performers pay no member fees but must complete a profile to become a member.

I am a Musician, Artist or Performer

Music Businesses need support and solidarity to be successful. MusicPortland is committed to expanding economic opportunities and collective power for the entire ecosystem. See all of the initiatives that are being pursued to support Music Businesses. Music Businesses pay a small member fee per year (detailed below) to join MusicPortland. This fee is fully tax deductible. Our goal is to provide clear and measurable benefits to Music Businesses, making it easier to be successful in Portland.

I am a Music Business

Live music is all about human interaction, connecting musicians, music businesses and the public. MusicPortland is already working to protect venues and expand opportunities and audiences. Find out more about all we are doing. Venues pay a small member fee per year (detailed below) to join MusicPortland. This fee is fully tax deductible. (If you are a multi-venue company, please contact us directly for a negotiated rate.) Our mission to create a measurable economic benefit for your Venue.

I am a Venue

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Membership and perks for all supporters of local music!

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Membership Pricing

Become a member to show your support of our local music ecosystem

MusicPortland works tirelessly to make life in music sustainable and successful for all participants.  Completing a profile will count you in our numbers and that data will help us quantify the value that music brings to Portland, but without paid member support, we will not be able to continue to champion.

You can become a member at level that best reflects your commitment to support of our local music ecosystem.  For Amplifier and higher levels, business membership will include employees.

We will acknowledge your support in our Member promotions.  Prices are annual.  Trade association member dues are fully tax deductible if you work in music.

  • Supporter - $50.00 
  • Unifier - $150.00
  • Defender - $250.00
  • Amplifier - $500.00
  • Advocate - $1000.00
  • Sustainer - $2000.00
  • Visionary - Name your price above Sustainer
  • Partner - You are a nonprofit or would like to discuss an in-kind participation
If you are committed to becoming a member but have a challenge with the member dues, please contact Meara McLaughlin  to discuss accommodation.  We cannot do what we need to do without you.

**Please contact us if you have any questions about member dues.**