We Serve Music Venues and Festivals

We Serve Music Venues

Some 300 spots in the Portland metro area regularly host live music—that’s nearly twice the number boasted by Austin. Our many small venues allow performers to evolve new sounds alongside fans, growing together as well as our reputation for innovation and inventiveness. 

Whether you manage, work for or contract with a venue, we need to know who you are - you are part of the music ecosystem story.  Please complete your NEW MusicPortland Profile - 5 minutes and confidential

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Without a coordinated effort, every venue and festival stands alone against new residential infill, zoning changes and skyrocketing rents. Without economic impact data, no venue can effectively fight the forces that oppose you.

Together, with all of Portland’s other music businesses and the coordinated support of musicians, we have strength in numbers to support spaces for live performance and explore new ways to increase earnings for performers and venues alike. We must work together in an integrated and strategic way to create new approaches that support all players in the local music scene. We cannot do it without you.

MusicPortland is working to:

  • Kickoff the first Portland music Economic Impact Study; the resulting quantified data on our local music economy will inform all future advocacy and promotional efforts
  • Advocate with city and state government to streamline venue licensing/regulatory processes and institutionalize venue defense in building codes
  • Oppose City Hall plans to stigmatize 37 music venues with ineffective seismic warning placards instead of creating programs to encourage structural retrofits that improve safety
  • Promote the cultural and economic significance of live music in the city to increase attendance, grow venue revenues, and engage policy makers
  • Participate directly in implementation strategy for City Hall's "Affordable Arts Spaces" resolution to protect and expand venue options in the city
  • Improve venue bottom lines and working conditions for performers by working with MusicPortland members, OLCC and others to create more sustainable economic models for the live music economy
  • Expand and evolve efficient and effective discovery of and processes between venues and musicians including professional development for performers
  • Create a collective MusicPortland Fan Card program that will incentivize live show attendance across the city and provide uniquely useful data for venues to grow loyalty and revenues

If you are own or manage a venue or festival please consider becoming an Industry Member.  This work cannot continue without industry support.

MusicPortland dues are 100% tax deductible!

The first step toward membership is to complete a new MusicPortland Profile (even if you did one before - this is an update and new data structure)

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Photo above by Jason Quigley