Community Building

As our city grows, it is harder to retain the close knit, cross-genre musician communities or to find the music businesses and resources you need.  The traditionally DIY and fractured, music in Portland has never had a single information hub.  Like everyone, we can become more silo'd in our communities and miss opportunities for networking and collaboration.  MusicPortland will be an information hub to promote existing professional development and networking opportunities as well as hosting our own Social gatherings, online discussion groups and music job boards for members. 

The opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with others on issues of mutual concern is fostered by the informal atmosphere of the MusicPortland’s quarterly meetings, forums, workshops and we always welcome ideas ian input at [email protected] As a representative organization, all of the gatherings provide opportunities to share your views, concerns and ideas for how MusicPortland can support you.  

Rigsketball from JULIET ZULU on Vimeo.

Collective Action

Collective representation to city government, funding sources and other groups that can positively influence support of music in our city requires solidarity.  See our listing of advocacy programs on our SUPPORT page. MusicPortland's success in these efforts is entirely based on our uptake by the community to become members.  Music businesses pay only a small annual fee and performers (artists) pay nothing and need only to complete an Artist Profile to become members.  We can only represent you if you join us!


MusicPortland plans to be a hub for music information and resources in Portland.  Members will have access to the most complete local music business directory ever assembled (more than 1500 businesses) as well as a Job Board where music businesses and Sponsors can access  music community members as employees. MusicPortland’s will also educate and inform on the most current industry trends and practices.  MusicPortland will present never before available reports and intelligence about our market resulting from our assessment activities.  The website will also provide a centralized listing of professional resources for industry including a calendar of the many industry educational, professional development and meetup events produced by other groups.  Submit your event to add it to the calendar. 

Uniting with Non Music Businesses and Audience

As described in more detail on our Amplify page, part of unifying the community will include engaging the non music businesses that benefit from our music community.  Various businesses want to support the music community and provide unique member benefits as MusicPortland Sponsors   Large local employers seeking to provide compelling employee benefits can support MusicPortland as Patrons (described on the Amplify page).  These programs not only support MusicPortland financially, but create new audience and customer engagement and paid performance opportunities for musicians.