Establishing Musician loading zones at venues

There are a number of areas where we are already engaged with City Hall. MusicPortland and the Local Musicians Union have completed phase 1 of the Musican Loading Zones project. We have high confidence that Musician Loading Zones at the first eleven venues with the highest number of complaints from our musician survey will be implemented in Fall of 2018, there are two more phases to follow with the hope of providing easy load in parking at nearly all venues within the coming year.

Protecting venues and recording studios 

"We are working also to embed the Agent of Change Principle to building codes that will require developers to make necessary changes to existing businesses (like venues, recording studios and more). Large scale construction and housing infill has a direct impact on venues. A hotel or apartment building adjacent to a venue will increase noise and other complaints, forcing change. MusicPortland is working with the city planning department to explore the Agent of Change Principle that has been effectively applied in outehr cities to reduce the impact and expense on existing venues. "

Expanding available rehearsal spaces

"And finally, MusicPortland is involved in the implementation planning discussions for the Affordable Arts Space resolution to provide new, secure and affordable spaces for the arts, including popular music businesses and rehearsal space. MusicPortland is fully engaged in the process and can make sure that members are kept apprised of the resulting opportunities and accommodations that come from this city initiative. "

Business Development

Various organizations around the city offer compelling economic development programs. MusicPortland will facilitate engagement of music businesses with these resources 

Re-imagining pay for performance models

Working creatively with city government, venues, OLCC, musicians and others, MusicPortland seeks to evolve new models for live performance compensation. There are many interesting models in other cities and a genuine receptiveness in the community to look at new ideas that can make the ecosystem more sustainable for all parties. Let us know your ideas.   There are many interesting ideas from other cities for new economic models for music performance; to improve the payscale for performers, increasing the caliber of performance (and its positive effect on food and drink sales) without increasing costs for the venue. Through collective and inclusive conversations with venues, MusicPortland would like to find new and mutually beneficial ways to improve the calculus for all parties. Solidarity with all other venues, city government, OLCC and more can provide interesting new approaches to support us all. "

Developing a Cascadia Music Corridor

MusicPortland is working with Vancouver and Seattle to establish a resource to make it easier to tour throughout the region.  CMC will provide resources to help performers target and engage with appropriate venues, standardize the booking process and new resources to help drive new business and relationships with regional music businesses.  Ultimately, the network will include Olympia, Bellingham, and Eugene.

Creating a Portland Music Business Expo

MusicPortland plans to hold a Portland Music Business Expo to highlight the breadth and depth of our local music manufacturing, production, labels and other services.

Providing Artist Grants

MusicPortland plans to develop a direct Band Grant Program to support local musicans with funding to be applied any way they choose. This will happen as soon as the funding streams are established (public and private)