Special Member Benefits

While the biggest benefit of MusicPortland membership is the connections, events, and advocacy to building the music reality that Portland deserves, it is nice to get some other perks and more and more businesses and organizations are reaching out to offer benefits that you can leverage just for having become a free Community Member and completing the entirely confidential, less that 2 minute, MusicPortland profile,  Once you become a Community Member (no cost, but complete profile submitted) you get access to the growing list of Member Benefits as well as eligibility for paid corporate gigs through our Corporate Patron Program (2020) . Just by completing the form you become a registered Community Member of MusicPortland that gets you information, access and the cool benefits listed below.

If you would like to offer your music product in-kind to the MusicPortland community, please contact us to make arrangements.


   Offering Portland MusicPortland Community Members 30% off!

Invented by local musicians, Ryan Sollee and Gabe Castro, This Portland based company is so eager to support MusicPortland and local musicians that they are offering this 30% discount for MusicPortland Community Members. Thousands of satisfied customers around the world have benefited from WristGrips. Most of our customers play guitar or drums, but we’ve learned that WristGrips offer great support while playing keys, strings and all other instruments where wrist and hand pain are present.

“Our mission at WristGrips is that musicians get the most out of every practice and every gig, pain free,” says Ryan, “we are excited when we regularly hear from customers, ‘WristGrips saved my career!’ ”  Once your membership is confirmed, will provide access to the page that give all of the redemption codes.


  Offering a FREE license for Sound Credit Publisher ($99/year value  !!)

MusicPortland Members get a full year subscription to Sound Credit.  Appropriate for  engineers, producers, labels, and managers, this is the fastest and easiest way to confirm that everyone gets credit for for what they create/contribute.

You don't have to wait for your credits to appear online anymore. Instantly publish credits and album art to the web with the Sound Credit Publisher. It's simple to review, add, and edit song credits.  If you have completed the New MusicPortland Profile, and your membership confirmed, then you can pick up your discount code here.


Blissness School

Blissness School - Music Law 101 Video  - Watch this hour long, easy to understand overview of legal issues you need to know about protecting your intellectual property - "How to launch a thriving music business"  Worth the time.  


MusicPortland is now a partner with Corepower Yoga - any MusicPortland member gets 20% off 10 packs and monthly membership packs. Great for touring musicians because there’s over 200 studios across the country. In the words of Lewi Longmire, "Self care is radical action in this day and age."  But we’re making it easier. Once you have completed your New MusicPortland Profile, we will provide you with access to the redemption code page