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Ampraid Podcast  - (September 12, 2019)  Some familiar ideas but delivered in a podcast taping that MusicPortland Exec Dir Meara had not planned for.  Hear her spin just a bit out of control.  Meara talks about the idea of democratizing music culture development and the power of identifying )and amplifying) a music communities distinctive quality.  All music cities are not the same.  Portland, it may be argued, is more different than most.

Ampraid - (September 23, 2019)  The Ampraid team must wonder why every conversation from Portland ends up talking about MusicPortland.  Little did they know that Chris Young is not only Publisher of Vortex Music Magazine, but he also one of 3 co-founders of MusicPortland.  Chris kicks off a rundown of Vortex Magazine's Background and what he learned from fellow Portland music publisher, Larry Crane and Tape-Op.  Then, more juicy bits on regional touring

Craving the Future  - (July 28, 2019) Meara McLaughlin, Executive Director of MusicPortland shares views on the evolving needs for musicians to be business people in an era that is challenging for independent musicians. She also emphasizes the important future role that major corporations can play in supporting music culture for vibrant communities 



Future of What - (November 23, 2018) Jimi Biron of McMenamins and Meara McLaughlin of MusicPortland talk about the challenges of venues, specifically the Portland City Council ruling to placard live music venues as unsafe.  Cassie Wilson of Half Access talks about making live music more accessible for all.


 Klyph Notes - (June 12, 2018) Executive Director, Meara McLaughlin talks with DJ Klyph in detail about the goals and vision for MusicPortland and its connection to the HipHop community



Future of What - (June 1, 2018) DJ OG1 talks with Kate Becker of Seattle and Alex Griggs of Vancouver BC about our respective music city efforts and establishing a Cascadia Music Corridor to encourage and facilitate a more vibrant regional exchange


Future of What - (November 14, 2017) In the second half of this Holocene hosted episode, Chris Young and Meara McLaughlin discuss the planned launch of MusicPortland and a vision for Portland music



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   "Genre Fluid - How Portland has grown into one the boldest and most diverse music scenes in the nation." Feb 2019


Local Music Leader Contributes to Increased Federal Funding for Music Education

MusicPortland is committed to the holistic development of the many interconnected elements of our music ecosystem. Venues and performers will only be sustainable if we grow fanbase, music stores and gear makers thrive when players are succeeding and success is sustained only if we engage the next generation as performers and fans.  Doing this well means working at the local, State and Federal level to effect positive change.

Portland’s own, Geoff Metts, one of the owners of Five Star Guitars was recently selected to join a NAMM group to lobby Congress to support music education.  With leadership from Suzanne Bonamici, they brought the latest study on the benefits of music education to legislators and through the group’s efforts, music and arts education funding for fiscal year 2019 was raised to $1.7 billion – a $70 million increase over 2018. We should be proud of our elected leaders and dedicated music community members, Five Star Guitars for making such a positive impact.  Get involved as with your local music community’s efforts to effect change.  The MusicPortland community is already shaping the way the city treats our industry and artists.  Get involved in whatever way you can. 

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