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Future of What - (November 23, 2018) Jimi Biron of McMenamins and Meara McLaughlin of MusicPortland talk about the challenges of venues, specifically the Portland City Council ruling to placard live music venues as unsafe.  Cassie Wilson of Half Access talks about making live music more accessible for all.


 Klyph Notes - (June 12, 2018) Executive Director, Meara McLaughlin talks with DJ Klyph in detail about the goals and vision for MusicPortland and its connection to the HipHop community



Future of What - (June 1, 2018) DJ OG1 talks with Kate Becker of Seattle and Alex Griggs of Vancouver BC about our respective music city efforts and establishing a Cascadia Music Corridor to encourage and facilitate a more vibrant regional exchange


Future of What - (November 14, 2017) In the second half of this Holocene hosted episode, Chris Young and Meara McLaughlin discuss the planned launch of MusicPortland and a vision for Portland music



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