Initiatives and Programs

MusicPortland is focused on economic development and sustainability of our local music ecosystem. Our programs aim to simultaneously support four main goals:



Assess the direct and indirect impacts that local music has on our local economy and culture



Unite the music community to expand creative and commercial collaboration and networking



Support the music community with targeted advocacy and economic development programs




Amplify the vibrancy and quality of the collective music brand locally and promote music tourism


MusicPortland has an ambitious agenda for the next few years that has been evolved through two years of roundtable discussions with many industry players. We will continue to develop these plans through direct input from all parts of our ecosystem via focus groups and continual input from you.  

As a representative body, MusicPortland must have majority participation from the local music community. Collective action is only effective if we come together. With a low annual membership dues for businesses (100% tax deductible) and zero costs to working musicians, we encourage everyone to participate: We need your voice to inform and direct our efforts.

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