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There are more than 1,500 music businesses in Portland. And just like you, each are challenged by rising rents, zoning changes, urban infill, and a general lack of industry support in our growing city.

If you’re a recording studio, gear builder, music retailer, record label, provider of creative services for musicians or represent or distribute music, you do not have any collective bargaining power and are subject to the whims of city government, residents and the market.

"Ever complain about how futile it seems to be a small music business in Portland, where powerful entities appear to at best ignore our interests or at worst conspire against our livelihoods? I know I do. MusicPortland has taken the lead to provide an organization and forum where we can present a united voice to our mutual benefit. We represent a huge part of the economy and unique spirit of this city—let’s make it work for us."
                                                              —Chris Benson, Benson Amps
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Together we can show our industry’s solidarity, quantify our impact on the local economy, and undertake actions that will significantly improve conditions for music businesses in Portland. We must work together in an integrated and strategic way to create new approaches that support all players in the local music scene. We cannot do it without you.

MusicPortland is working to:

  • Complete the first Portland music Economic Impact Study; the resulting quantified data on our local music economy will inform all future advocacy and promotional efforts
  • Grow local music businesses with programs to connect you with other music professionals and economic development organizations to grow revenue, collaboration and collective purchasing opportunities
  • Support new access to potential customers at MusicPortland events, music tourism programs and Portland Music Business Expo
  • Promote a collective MusicPortland brand nationally and internationally to position your business within a uniquely vibrant and innovative music ecosystem (think Nashville)
  • Advocate for music business supportive policy with local government to remove impediments
  • MusicPortland will also assemble and promote an All Portland Backline that demonstrates our robust manufacturing sector; this will create new opportunities for instrument and gear manufacturers, extending your individual and collective brand

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Photo above by Jason Quigley