Economic Impact Study 

The MusicPortland business study will focus on the economic impact of Portland’s music industry. By quantifying the benefits of the vibrant music business sector, multiple stakeholders can leverage the resulting data to better inform economic development planning, public policy, business development and music tourism initiatives. Benefits of a Portland music industry economic impact study

  1. Quantify and validate breadth and impact of local music economy (revenue, employment, vitality, influence)
  2. Position collective music industry data to support advocacy intiatives
  3. Provide referenceable data for other groups to include music economy in their own larger city analysis - we become a player in all kinds of development considerations
  4. Provide local music businesses valuable industry data, benchmarks and contextual intelligence to inform with first of its kind industry data to make better business decisions in the context of their local marketplace, to track trends and identify new business opportunities based on gaps in existing infrastructure

Once you have completed the NEW, 2 minute, MusicPortland PROFILE, we will send you the 5 minute, completely anonymous economic study if you are a principle or decision maker for the business.  

If you have already completed the NEW MusicPortland Profile but have not yet received the Economic Study and believe you should have, please contact us

Audience/Employee Survey

MusicPortland will do an Audience Survey specifically of employees of some of the largest companies in Portland to quantify what they already acknowledge anecdotally - that the popular music scene in Portland is a key advantage in attracting and keeping employees in a competitive National job market. The intention is to quantify the importance of local music to corporate success and hardwired it into city and corporate development discussions.

This survey will not only inform the MusicPortland Patron Program but also engage a whole new potential audience group in the active music scene.

Musician Survey

With Artist/Performer membership in MusicPortland requiring only the completion of a detailed profile (but no fees), MusicPortand will assemble the first information about our creative music community by genre, income, gender, race and more.  All of these factors inform public policy and infrastructure planning and the lack of intelligence reduces the appropriate priority setting by MusicPortland and relevant treatment by the city.