We Serve Musicians, Artists & Performers

We Serve Musicians, Artists and Performers

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The independent artist is being pushed out of Portland. This is not news.

We’ve all experienced rising costs of living, stagnant performance pay, and changing revenue streams for recording musicians—all of which makes a musical life harder and harder to sustain in our changing city.

Unlike other types of performing and visual arts, there is no Arts Tax or grant money available to independent musicians who make “popular music.” Through collective efforts, MusicPortland will analyze ideas from other music cities (like Austin, Nashville, Seattle and even cities abroad) to leverage proven solutions and formulate new ideas that will make life better, more creative, and more sustainable for Portland’s artists. We must work together to find new approaches that support all players in the local music scene. We cannot do it without you.

MusicPortland is working to:

  • Enact long-needed Musician Loading Zones at venues
  • Provide networking, education and collaboration opportunities to expand your creative and professional network, building your community and growing your career
  • Expand paid performance opportunities through Member directory, Patron program and Amplify programs
  • Advocate for affordable musician housing, venue and rehearsal space protections and more with city and state government
  • Support creative endeavors with Band Grant program to support musician projects without conditions
  • Amplify collective profile of Portland music to increase effectiveness of touring promotions
  • Work with venues, OLCC and public/private funding sources to stabilize and increase musician pay for live performance in Portland
  • Check out all of our initiatives because everything we do will ultimately make life as musician/performer better in Portland

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