Portland has many music scenes. Amongst these diverse groups, there is a distinct ethos of community over competition. MusicPortland seeks to support individual artists, services and makers while uniting all creators to grow our scene—because our independent spirit is stronger together.

The most important thing that we need right now from every person earning any money from music (performing, creating, presenting, producing....anything) as an employee, owner or manager is to take a few minutes to complete the NEW Music Portland Profile. This NEW profile (since August 2019) captures data in a more accurate way.  We apologize if you already did the short survey in its old form before August 2019, but consider this an update.  We can only credit you with Free Community Membership if you include your name and email address (100% confidential) for you to earn the growing list of Member Benefits that gets you free and heavily discounted stuff, paid gig opportunities, and access to member-only events).

Together we are building a more sustainable and successful music economy in Portland.  We cannot do it without you.  Consider this, the most important thing you can do in the next 2 minutes to support your musical career.

Complete a NEW MusicPortland Profile

Even if you did a profile previously, please take a few minutes to update via this new form and get your peers to do the same.  

What we are accomplishing since launching in September 2019

MusicPortland Policy Council

For the first time in Portland history, the voice of the voice of the music community will formally influence the way that city policy, practices and regulations evolve to make Portland a more music supportive city.  Watch for a full announcement and updates starting in October 2019.

Monthly MusicPortland Meetups

Each month (on the first monday) more than a hundred local music professionals (musicians, producers, labels, managers, publicists and more) gather for topical panels, interviews and speakers, programs, industry updates, and productive networking.  Watch Upcoming Events for details on upcoming Meetups.

MusicPortland Gear Fest

The first annual event to present two dozen of Portland's boutique music manufacturers. Find out more

Musician Loading Zones

In cooperation with Fair Trade Music PDX, and city leaders, MusicPortland is thrilled to have enacted musician loading zone permits at 16 local music venues.  This is just the first of many industry enhancements that solidarity is able to provide.  The program is so successful that we are now looking to add another 12 venues to the program. Be sure to complete your MusicPortland Profile and then go to the permit application form.  All FREE.

Become a CONTRIBUTING Member of Music Portland, if you can

All of this work has been done tirelessly by a small group of unpaid heroes to date, but as a our standing in the community and our programs gain traction faster and faster, without some paid admin help, the leadership will burn out and the effort will stall out and end.This work is hard but we are achieving far more than we ever hoped for in just 12 months.  With help from those we are fighting for, the possibilities are endless. Any Community Member can become a Contributing Member on a sliding scale, honor system.  Commit what you can for the year to keep this going!!


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MusicPortland is a grassroots organization by the industry for the industry. Who are we?

Vision: Make Portland a better place for artists and makers in the music industry

Values: Inclusive, strategic and integrated approach to growing all parts of the Portland music ecosystem

Mission: MusicPortland unites, defends and amplifies all sectors of the Portland music ecosystem


MusicPortland is the only trade association and advocacy group exclusively for the Portland area music industry. If you create, produce, distribute, promote, book, or in any way support music in the Rose City, MusicPortland is your champion and information hub. Our mission is to assess, unite, support and amplify Portland artists, manufacturers, services and venues. As a 501(c)(6) trade association and advocacy group, all industry member fees are fully tax deductible for music businesses and no fees are required of artists at this time.

Home page photos by John Alcala, Jason Quigley and Tojo Andrianarivo